nbn™ Lift Phones

The initial nbn™ access network rollout is complete and will replace most existing fixed phone lines. The existing Telstra landline network will be decommissioned 18 months after your premises is able to connect to the nbn™. If you have lift emergency phones at your premises, you will need to organise an alternate solution for when the Telstra copper landline network is disconnected.

To achieve this, the installation and maintenance of a Wireless Gateway device is required, which emulates a standard telephone line with dial tone, but uses a communication path which is capable of operating during a power outage for at least two hours.

The nbn™ network does not work during a power outage so a connection utilising the mobile phone network is recommended as this network will work during a power outage.

We have created two inexpensive, reliable telephone service options for lift phones to continue functioning after the old Telstra network is disconnected.

Solutions for in-home residential lifts

Solutions for commercial and strata lifts