NBN Lift Phones – Commercial and Strata

Wireless Emergency Telephone Service

Our solution provides traditional working telephone lines to your lifts or fire panel, delivered over the Telstra 3G/4G mobile network. Our telephone services support incoming and outgoing calls, with a standard telephone number, which function the same as the previous traditional services supplied by the Telstra network. In most cases, we can even port your existing phone line number to our network if you require it.

  • Uses Telstra 3G/4G mobile network
  • Single or Dual SIM options
  • 24 hours stand-by battery backup
  • Fully installed and maintained
  • ACMA RCM (formerly C-tick) compliant
  • Upgrade to lift not required
  • Not affected by Telstra copper disconnection

How Our Wireless Emergency Telephone Service Works

Our Wireless Gateway device provides a standard dial tone and telephone service with fully functioning telephone number(s) to the existing lift phones and cabling.

The installed Wireless Gateway kit works by using the mobile network as a data connection, and VoIP accounts to connect to lifts and fire panels. Calls from the lift phone or fire panel will reach the existing destination just the same as they did on the old Telstra landline telephone network.

Your emergency phone service can dial out when activated as before with no interruption to the service.


The uninterruptable power supply combined with the 7.2AH lead acid battery will provide power to the unit for up to 24 hours in the event of mains power failure

The power supply can detect when the mains power is down, and when the battery voltage falls below a set voltage, and will automatically notify our office if these events occur

Our office periodically checks the online status of the mobile router and the SIP registrations of the virtual numbers from the analogue telephone adapter to detect any outages

If any of the above events are detected, we will send a technician out to rectify the issue at no additional cost to you whilst an active subscription is


Our equipment, service and installation complies with WorkSafe WA requirements and also complies with the following standards:

  • ACMA RCM – Australian product compliance (formerly C-tick)
  • ACMA Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide
  • AS/CA S009:2013 – Installation requirements for customer cabling
  • AS/CA S042.1 and AS/CA S042.4 – Requirements for connection to an air interface of a telecommunications network
  • AS 1735 – Lifts, escalators, and moving walks (the SAA lift code)
  • EN-81 – European standard for the construction and installation of lifts


  • Inexpensive connection charge
  • Easy setup, we take care of all the technical stuff
  • Fully maintained by local West Australian company

Getting It Done

The following is all that is required to make your lift emergency telephone services function in the post nbn™ environment:

  1. You place an enquiry with us to replace your existing lift telephone lines
  2. We visit your premises and check for optimal equipment location, mobile signal strength and availability of mains power
  3. We provide you with a firm quote for installation and operation

If you accept the quotation, then:

  1. We install and maintain all the necessary equipment and services to provide the services
  2. You disconnect your existing telephone services with your previous service provider
  3. You pay us each month for the replacement services we provide

We will take care of all the technical setup and installation, SIM cards, and the provisioning of services.


We are proud of our competitive pricing and are happy to publish it here on our website. Don’t be gouged by the lift companies charging up to $6,000 per site for a conversion.

Pricing is determined by the number of lines required per site. Usually one line per lift carriage. For example, a building with two lifts would normally require a 2 line installation.

Price Chart

Single SIM, 1-4 Lines

Number of Lines Required per SiteSupply and Install Gateway Once Off ChargeTotal Recurring Monthly ChargeTotal Minimum Charge for 12 Months Contract *Critical Information Summary (CIS)
1$1,599$42$2,103Single SIM 1 Line
2$1,699$53$2,335 Single SIM 2 Lines
3$1,799$63$2,555 Single SIM 3 Lines
4$1,799$74$2,687 Single SIM 4 Lines

Dual SIM, 1-4 Lines

Number of Lines Required per SiteSupply and Install Gateway Once Off ChargeTotal Recurring Monthly ChargeTotal Minimum Charge for 12 Months Contract * Critical Information Summary (CIS)
1$1,799$63$2,555Dual SIM 1 Line
2$1,899$74$2,787Dual SIM 2 Lines
3$1,999$84$3,007Dual SIM 3 Lines
4$1,999$95$3,139Dual SIM 4 Lines

* Total Minimum Charge for 12 Months Contract equals the supply and installation charge for the gateway, and recurring monthly charge multiplied by 12 months.

Contract and Inclusions

The minimum contract term is 12 months. After 12 months, the service will revert to a month by month service. Whilst the contract is current, we will provide the following services (at no extra cost):

  • Repair or replacement of components as required
  • Unlimited local calls, national calls and calls to 13 or 1300 numbers (no bill shock)
  • Upgrade of the cellular modem as mobile networks evolve (5G and beyond)
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Service assurance monitoring of battery condition and mobile signal status

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