The Broadband Brokers

nbn™ Key Facts

Plan NameBudget
nbn™ Speed Tier12/125/550/20100/40
Number of Users1-22-33-66-9
Typical Peak DL Speed **7Mbps15Mbps30Mbps60Mbps
Email / BrowsingYesYesYesYes
SD Video StreamingYesYesYesYes
HD Video StreamingNoYesYesYes
4K Video StreamingNoNoNoYes
DL / UL Large FilesNoYesYesYes

** Typical peak busy period hours are usually from 7pm to 11pm.

nbn™ Network Speeds (FTTP)

Actual data download throughput speed during typical peak period is 30Mbps.

nbn™ Network Speeds (FTTN/B/C)

Actual speeds on these copper based nbn™ technology types can be less than nbn™ FTTP depending on distance from the fibre to copper node and in-premises wiring configuration. nbn™ does not provide data on copper lengths of circuits so actual speeds cannot be determined until after a service is connected.

nbn™ Network Speeds (HFC)

Actual speeds on nbn™ HFC can be subject to network congestion within the nbn™ network as nbn™ HFC is a shared medium and can have several hundred users on the one co-axial segment.

In-Premises Wiring

If your in-premises wiring configuration is suspected to be contributing to poor internet performance, we can provide cabling services to rectify or replace your cabling for an additional charge.

Critical Equipment on the nbn™

Some equipment may suffer from serviceability issues when connected over the nbn™, such as medical alarms, security alarms, fax machines, EFTPOS machines and lift emergency phone lines. If you have any of these devices or some other non-standard device, speak to your account manager for individual advice.

nbn™ and Power Outages

The nbn™ network does not function during a power outage. This will affect your internet access (and telephone if you are using a telephone service delivered over the nbn™). If you need an uninterrupted service, speak with your account manager for specialist advice.

Choice of Plan

If you choose a plan where the speed is not sufficient for your usage amount, the service will not perform well.